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day 003

since i've spent almost all my disposable income on groceries and gardening supplies i don't have money to spend on groceries until next week. tomorrow there's a cookout tomorrow at the masjid and while there's gonna be meat there i don't really have lots to eat here at home anymore lol.
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day 002

went to MOM's organic market for the first time today! appropriately enough, i also went to the store with my own mom. it was closer than i realized. i expected the store to be small, as per the reviews i read on yelp--and it was--but it surprised me to see just how much they fit in the store! so neat and organized. i love it. they have lots of foods and ingredients i enjoy eating.

i didn't get much produce (a bundle of fresh parsley and scallions) but my mom got these delicious organic grapes that are unlike any i've ever had. i usually don't even like purple grapes. but these? these grapes make me wanna keep coming back.

i bought 4 or 5 frozen dinners. i know, i know. not the healthiest. they were all vegetarian/vegan and i believe everything i picked up was organic. i just want to try out different meals and see what i like without having to spend a bunch of time preparing something i may end up regretting.

i tried a kale and three cheese bake (with a healthy dose of parsley) and while i still don't know what kale tastes like itself i'd probably eat it again.

did i mention the carrots i bought? i'd like to use them to practice chopping, stir frying, seasoning, and other moist heat cooking methods. these carrots don't look sad and dry--they look appetizingly crunchy! perhaps i'll try mixing them with some of the scallions or parsley i bought? who knows! i was never a fan of carrots but i want to go outside my comfort zone.

side note: the taste and scent of raw scallions stay in your mouth for-e-ver. next time i'll try eating them at night, or when i don't have to pray. i don't like reciting qur'an with onion breath.

this was my first time having fresh scallions. i ate them raw and like the taste, even though the very tops are bitter. the white bottom is much more reminiscent of that harsh oniony flavor, yet slightly distinct. i could get used to it!
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day 001

i am not a good cook.

but it's okay. i'm taking lessons on rouxbe and trying to learn more about the "behind the scenes" aspect of how food affects my body, how to get the best food possible, and how to prepare it in a delicious way!

i avoided calling this a "food journal" because i'm not here to count calories or log what i eat. this journal focuses on nutrition, cooking, and everything to do with food. i wanna interact with more healthy produce and food on a deeper level.

i've been raiding the kindle and google play store for book samples lately and there's such an amazing wealth of information out there. because of how the meat industry's run i probably will cut down on or completely eliminate meat from my diet--unless i can find suitable sources elsewhere. a largely plant-based diet seems best suited to my needs, goals, and desires right now.

ultimately i have a duty to care of my body. farmer's markets are nowhere near as expensive as i thought they'd be.

here are some things i learned today!
  • several (at least 2) farmer's markets sit within 10 mins of my house
  • most farmer's markets seem to open on sundays
  • there's a mom's organic market right down the street
  • i like indian, mexian, and italian dishes


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