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day 002

not much to report here today except that my seeds and such finally shipped earlier today! processing only took a day i believe.

in a few weeks those little seeds will be mine, inshaAllah!
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day 002

while i'm not going to take notes on parsley's health benefits and medicinal properties just yet, i would like to mention that i think i'm developing an affinity for munching on this particular herb.

i don't quite remember what it tastes like in dried form. i don't think there's too much a difference (flavor intensity aside), though i could have just been using old parsley flakes. if i'm correct it has a very mild taste but munching on the whole leaves is pretty fun! i like how it tastes with warm melted cheese. of course i let the cheese cool off a bit and refrained from too much mixing so it didn't get soggy or diminish the fresh taste.

today i also cracked open my encyclopedia of herbs, spices, and flavorings book. lo and behold, the second time around i actually flipped straight to parsley. funny how that works!

i'm starting to become more familiar with parsley. i can almost recognize it on sight, but i still have a long ways to go. until my seeds come in and i incorporate more herbs into my cooking i think parsley's gonna be my short term best friend. toodles!
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day 002

went to MOM's organic market for the first time today! appropriately enough, i also went to the store with my own mom. it was closer than i realized. i expected the store to be small, as per the reviews i read on yelp--and it was--but it surprised me to see just how much they fit in the store! so neat and organized. i love it. they have lots of foods and ingredients i enjoy eating.

i didn't get much produce (a bundle of fresh parsley and scallions) but my mom got these delicious organic grapes that are unlike any i've ever had. i usually don't even like purple grapes. but these? these grapes make me wanna keep coming back.

i bought 4 or 5 frozen dinners. i know, i know. not the healthiest. they were all vegetarian/vegan and i believe everything i picked up was organic. i just want to try out different meals and see what i like without having to spend a bunch of time preparing something i may end up regretting.

i tried a kale and three cheese bake (with a healthy dose of parsley) and while i still don't know what kale tastes like itself i'd probably eat it again.

did i mention the carrots i bought? i'd like to use them to practice chopping, stir frying, seasoning, and other moist heat cooking methods. these carrots don't look sad and dry--they look appetizingly crunchy! perhaps i'll try mixing them with some of the scallions or parsley i bought? who knows! i was never a fan of carrots but i want to go outside my comfort zone.

side note: the taste and scent of raw scallions stay in your mouth for-e-ver. next time i'll try eating them at night, or when i don't have to pray. i don't like reciting qur'an with onion breath.

this was my first time having fresh scallions. i ate them raw and like the taste, even though the very tops are bitter. the white bottom is much more reminiscent of that harsh oniony flavor, yet slightly distinct. i could get used to it!


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