Aug. 6th, 2016 09:27 pm
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day 003

i think i forgot to add my apartment number on the address. yikes. gonna have to call the company once the weekend is over. the email said their help desk is open monday through saturday but i think that may have been a mistake because once i called them the machine said these weren't their operating hours.
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day 002

not much to report here today except that my seeds and such finally shipped earlier today! processing only took a day i believe.

in a few weeks those little seeds will be mine, inshaAllah!

diving in!

Aug. 4th, 2016 11:18 pm
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day 001

today i've officially started my journey! i bought organic gloves, a watering can, and those organic seeds to start off my garden! so far i'm just starting out with herbs since they're fairly easy to grow. i love plants and how they attract birds and other fun creatures. it's so fascinating and moving to watch.

now what's mostly left is to buy compost, soilless potting mix, and the actual pots! shipping the first two is ridiculously expensive. it'll be difficult for me to find organic compost and potting mix (without blood or bone meal) but i believe it can be done.

estimated arrival is in 2-3 weeks. that gives me plenty of time to make a dnet in those organic gardening books i've been reading lately. i'm so happy and excited!

here are my takeaways of the day:
  • read up on organic food
  • read up on organic gardening


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